Germany reveals cynical robot with sense of humor

Germany reveals cynical robot with sense of humor

German researchers have developed a cynical robot that is good at understanding, responding to irony and improve interaction between humans and robots.

According to the magazine “popular mechanisms“, said Elisabeth Andre, a doctor at the University of Augsburg, Germany, that the goal of the development of this satirical robot is the ability to say bad news in a blunt manner, and the dialogue between human satire occurs automatically to increases the friendliness.

The ability of robots to ridicule will help in creating the atmosphere is more fun to convey important information such as complaints in an indirect way.

The cynical robot has reactions such as a wink, a smile, a flash of the eye, as well as talk and ridicule.

But the robot can not determine when to stop making fun of it, which could be counterproductive to users. However, researchers say humans will interact well with this robot.

Andre confirmed that they found the users consider robots that imitate some human behavior more acceptable and attractive, and an experiment was conducted on 12 students to talk with the robot satire and found it more fun and desirable than traditional robots.

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