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Harry and Meghan threatens British tabloids over private photos


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Harry and Meghan have threatened British tabloids with legal action after the publication of private photos of Meghan with Archie. As the newspaper The Guardian and Sky News reported on Tuesday, the couple’s lawyers argued that the photos were taken without Megan’s knowledge.

In the tabloids “The Sun” and “Daily Mail” there were photos of Meghan from Vancouver Island on Tuesday, on which she carries her eight-month-old son Archie in a baby belly carrier. According to reports from “The Guardian” and “Sky News”, the photographer has taken hidden pictures in the bushes without the permission of Meghan.

Harry and Meghan had already accused the British tabloid media of an “unrelenting campaign” last October. Meghan then sued the Mail on Sunday newspaper for publishing a private letter. Harry accused the tabloid of persecuting his wife in a similar way to his mother Diana, who died in a car accident in Paris in 1997 while fleeing from paparazzi.

According to media reports, Harry had arrived at the Canadian island of Vancouver Island on Monday evening , where Meghan and son Archie had expected him. The couple had announced a week and a half ago that they would largely withdraw from their royal obligations and want to stand financially on their own two feet.

Harry (35) is back at his small family in Canada. He landed in Vancouver on a scheduled machine, British media reported on Tuesday. He then flew to Vancouver Island, where Meghan (38) and eight-month-old Archie are staying in a luxurious property.

Buckingham Palace did not want to say when the family was likely to return. However, Royal experts expect Harry to commute regularly between the continents and that Meghan and the little Archie will stay in Canada for a long time. In any case, apart from the official statements by the Queen, the royal family is keeping a very low profile. This also applies to Prince Charles (71), heir to the throne.

The Sun and other British newspapers published photos showing Meghan walking in a good mood with Archie and her two dogs on Vancouver Island in leggings and hiking boots. Harry – casually dressed in jeans and a hat – smiled when he arrived in Canada, as can be seen in a video. Vancouver Island is located off the Pacific coast and has a fairly mild climate.

The fact that Harry and his family barely showed up in the UK, but Meghan now had his picture taken while walking in the great outdoors in Canada, met with some criticism on social media. Two bodyguards were in the background.

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Harry and Meghan had announced that they would largely withdraw from their royal duties and live alternately in Canada and Great Britain. Queen Elizabeth II (93) reacted understandingly to her grandson’s wish, but at the same time made a hard cut: the two should not be part-time royals.

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