Monday, October 25, 2021

Hoyle becomes new Speaker in the British House of Commons


Hailey Warner
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Labor MP Lindsay Hoyle becomes the speaker of the British House of Commons succeeding John Bercow. The 62-year-old former vice-spokesman was elected on Monday evening in the fourth ballot with 325 votes.

Hoyle prevailed against Tory candidate Chris Bryant, who received 213 votes. The conservative Eleanor Laing and the Labor politician Harriet Harman withdrew their candidacies in previous ballots.

Hoyle prevailed against Tory candidate Chris Bryant, who received 213 votes

In his rhetorically demanding application speech, Hoyle had promised to be impartial and fair in the parliament, which had been shaken and split by Brexit disputes. Every party and every member has the right to be heard. He also pledged to ensure the safety of parliamentarians after many MPs and staff had complained of hostility due to the bitter Brexit conflict.

Hoyle is since 1997 a deputy for the northern English constituency Chorley. John Bercow, internationally known for his “order” calls, resigned from the speaker’s office last week after more than ten years.

In the struggle to leave the EU, Bercow had risen to the powerful opponent of Boris Johnson, extending the parliamentary conventions further than before. He made it possible for MPs in the House of Commons, who reject a tough no-deal Brexit, to petition to force the Prime Minister to postpone Brexit.

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