Monday, August 15, 2022

Hundreds of Britons evacuated amid fears Toddbrook dam collapse


Sajid Aziz
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Hundreds of people were forced to evacuate an area in central Britain on Thursday when military helicopters were used to prevent the dam from collapsing.

Toddbrook Reservoir Dam is in danger of falling, following heavy rain and threatening the lives and homes of Whaley Bridge residents.

A portion of the dam drainage was weakened, as the structure’s walls began to collapse on Thursday.

An air force helicopter lowered the parcel of land to a damaged part of the dam yesterday, while 150 firefighters from around the country were working hard to pump water out of the dam.

“The situation is very critical,” said Canal and River Trust chief operating officer Julie Sharman. She said the water level had dropped by 20 centimeters overnight.

It is understood that the British government had issued a severe flood warning that threatened to flood the area below the dam.

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