Monday, August 2, 2021

Iceland: Piece of heaven but most expensive country in Europe


Zubair Yaqoob
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Iceland hot springs are not the cause of most tourists visiting the country but they are looking at hotel bills or brunch that show everything expensive, even more expensive than some other European countries.

According to Eurostat data, on the ‘subartic’ island, average consumer prices up to 56 per cent compared to some other European countries in 2018, making Iceland the nation’s most expensive, ahead of Switzerland (52 per cent), Norway (48 per cent) and Denmark (38 percent).

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Quint Johnson, a tourist from the United States, has been doing some research before traveling for a week with family to the country to avoid any surprises.

“But it’s a little surprising,” the 22-year-old told AFP, having found that ordinary food prices such as hamburgers with fried potatoes and liquors were expensive in the country.

Once a look at the menu at the Icelandic restaurant shows a regular cheese pizza priced at about 2,400 kronor, a glass of wine is at least 10 euros and a glass of beer is 7 euros.

“The price is very high compared to what I often pay,” Johnson said.

Based on Numbeo’s website, consumer price comparisons, dinner for two people on average at a restaurant worth 85 euros, a bottle of sold at a cost of 17 euros and 12 euros worth of eggs (five euros).

The population of 355,000 plus a dependence on high import and high taxes on alcohol contributes to high prices of goods in Iceland.

“Iceland is a small country. So it’s quite difficult to get the same economic scale as it applies to companies in the 100 times larger countries, “Iceland’s Chamber of Commerce’s economic chief Konrad Gudjonsson said.

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