Saturday, May 21, 2022

Italy: Three firefighters killed in a mysterious explosion


Robert Frank
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Three firefighters in northern Italy were killed today in a mysterious explosion at a farm building in what police described as a possible crime.

The fire department responded, after midnight to a gas leak in a small area of ​​Quargnento, Piedmont province, police said.

As they tried to extinguish a fire in a farm building, the explosion took place and destroyed the entire building.

At a nearby building, authorities found a barrel of gas that had not exploded, a time device and an electrical wire, according to local prosecutors.

“All of these clues lead us to believe that there were intentional intentional explosions”, said local prosecutor Enrico Cieri of Italy.

Two other firefighters and a member of the Italian Carabinieri law enforcement team were also injured in the incident.

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