Wednesday, August 17, 2022

John Curtice describes Peterborough by-election ” Not as dramatic as European elections”


Zubair Yaqoob
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The political scientist Sir John Curtice summed up the outcome of the by-election in Peterborough in two sentences: It was “not as dramatic” as the outcome of the European election, in which the Brexit Party and the Liberal Democrats had deposed the old people’s parties. Nonetheless, it is appropriate to “disturb the normal rhythm of the two-party system”. In the lower house nothing changes: With their narrow victory in Peterborough – 31 percent – the Labor Party headquarters. But the new Brexit Party came very close with 29 percent. And the Conservative Party, which suffered even greater losses than Labor, only reached 21 percent.

Lisa Forbes, the Labor candidate, saw a lot of hope in her pitiful victory. “The fact that the Brexit Party was beaten shows that the politics of division will not win,” she said. Nigel Farage, the founder of the Brexit Party, recalled that his party came “out of nowhere” and said he felt “built up” by the outcome. It demonstrates that the future for the people’s parties is “very, very unpredictable”. And of course he did not forget to point out that his party would “run away” if the country did not leave the EU on 31 October.

Thus Farage aimed in the middle of the power struggle of the Tories for the succession of Theresa May. The better the Brexit party, the better for Boris Johnson, it was said before this by-election, which had to be held because of a legal misconduct of the former Labor MPs from Peterborough. Johnson had already expanded his role as a favorite before. On Election Day, influential backbencher Damian Collins spoke for the former Mayor of London and Foreign Minister: “We need a clear plan to get Brexit going and a prime minister with a plan to spread wealth and opportunity across the country – Boris is the best at it. “

Shortly before, three young members of parliament had publicly announced that Johnson was also included in the moderate camp. They took over Johnson’s message that only he was able to keep the two “big buggers” at bay: Nigel Farage and Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn. Johnson was a “seasoned winner,” the three MPs wrote regarding his campaigns in the mayoral elections and during the referendum campaign. They also trust him to “inspire the country and invigorate our party.”

More than forty MPs have already backed Johnson. Among the other ten candidates still in the running are environment ministers Michael Gove and Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt has the greatest chance. Both were also honored by Donald Trump with a personal conversation that visibly enjoyed joining in the candidacy during his visit to the Kingdom. At the betting shops, Andrea picks up Leadsom, who ran against May in June 2016, but then retired.

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