Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Johnson beats Corbyn at last TV duel


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Johnson beats Corbyn: Just a few days before the general election in the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn delivered a slug fest over the United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum on Friday in the BBC.

“Media exchange between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn was mainly about Europe”

According to a YouGov survey, Johnson beats Corbyn, 52 percent of those polled later said that Johnson won the last TV duel before the poll on December 12. Johnson’s Conservatives are also in polls before Corbyn’s Labor Party. Observers saw the televised debate as the last chance for Corbyn to reduce the gap to Johnson.

In the Brexit debate, Corbyn Johnson accused the British of misleading his promise to swiftly implement the EU exit. Rather, Britain will need years to negotiate new trade deals in difficult negotiations, Corbyn warned. Johnson, in turn, approached Corbyn for his stance on a new Brexit referendum.

The opposition leader pleads for another referendum, but wants to remain neutral. More than three years after the British have just voted to leave the EU, the upcoming election is likely to decide when, how, and if ever, Brexit will happen. If Johnson wins, the UK will leave the EU as it stands on January 31st.

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