Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Johnson moves away from No Deal


Hailey Warner
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Scottish First Minister warned that a victory by Conservative Party of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the December 12 parliamentary election meant that Scotland will be torn from the European family against its will, much better alternative is to take the future into our own hands and become an independent country.

In Glasgow thousands of Scots have demonstrated for independence from Britain. According to the organizers, around 20,000 people participated in the March for Independence on Saturday. For the first time in five years, head of government Nicola Sturgeon appeared at such a rally.

Earlier, Sturgeon stressed: “An independent Scotland is as close as never before”. She had announced on Friday to apply for a new independence referendum in London before Christmas.

Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, however, rejected Sturgeon’s statement that his Social Democrats would not stand in the way of a Scottish referendum. In first independence referendum in 2014, 55 percent voted against leaving the UK. At the Brexit vote in 2016, 62 percent Scots said, they would stay in the EU.

A day earlier, it had become known that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson would abandon his threat of a no-deal Brexit in the election campaign. He has renounced this threat of an EU farewell without agreement in the program of his Conservative party for the election on December 12, the Times reported.

Instead, he wanted to focus on agreeing to his resignation agreement, which he had negotiated with the EU last month, but had been rejected by parliament. Johnson had repeatedly stated that Britain would be forced to leave the European Union, even without an agreement, on 31 October, but was forced by the House of Commons to extend the Brexit deadline by 31 January.

Nigel Farage, who wants a clear break with the international community, could chase away the Conservative votes and, according to experts, strengthen the largest opposition Labor party. In the UK, the candidate receives the direct mandate, which accounts for the most votes in the constituency. “What we have is a fantastic deal that no one thought we could get it, and after winning the election in December, he could bring that deal through Parliament”, Johnson told ITV.

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