Monday, August 15, 2022

Johnson rules out further Brexit postponement


Zubair Yaqoob
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The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ruled out a further shift of Brexit. The EU should not “erroneously” assume that Britain will remain in the state union beyond the current exit date at the end of October, Johnson said in a telephone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron, a spokesman said Sunday. Johnson said that he would ask in Brussels for no new respite. This is the last chance to avoid a Brexit without an agreement.

In doing so, Johnson opposed a bill passed by the British House of Commons in early September, forcing the Prime Minister to give up the United Kingdom and European Union membership referendum to postpone three months in case there is no agreement with Brussels until 19 October.

However, a renewal of the deadline would also have to be accepted by all 27 remaining EU states. A source from Downing Street said the law undermined the negotiations, but it would not prevent a contract-free exit. To accept this would be a “historical misunderstanding”.

Johnson told Macron that he expected a deal to be concluded EU but must respond to the compromises made by Britain, the BBC reported. Previously, Johnson had tweeted that Brexit would take place on October 31st. The EU and Britain are trying to reach an agreement before the EU leaders Summit on 17 and 18 October.

According to British and French media reports, the French President told the British PM on the same phone call that the European Union would decide by the end of next week whether a Brexit deal with Britain would be possible.

At the weekend, the EU made it clear that the British government urgently needed to improve its proposals for a deal on 31 October. Johnson had argued that it was the EU “jumping” to accommodate Britain.

It was speculated that London could provoke a rejection of the application by the EU, for example by threatening to block decisions in Brussels in the future.

The Brexit talks between London’s negotiators and the EU Commission are scheduled to resume this Monday in Brussels. The EU is calling for a breakthrough from London by next Friday, so that a legal text can be put to the Member States for discussion.

Johnson submitted new proposals to the EU on Wednesday, according to which the British province of Northern Ireland will remain in a customs union with Great Britain after Brexit. Irish goods inspections should not be border-checked but only “decentralized” through online forms and inspections on company premises and along the supply chain.

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