Johnson won’t resign at Brexit delay

BREXIT: Boris Johnson reveals gaps in knowledge

Boris Johnson will not resign if British prime minister succeeds in an internal party vote if he can not keep his promise of leaving the EU on October 31. That made the favorite in the race for the succession of Theresa May on Tuesday in a television duel with his intra-party competitor Jeremy Hunt at the British broadcaster ITV clearly. “I do not want to give the EU the prospect that they could promote my resignation by refusing to reach an agreement,” Johnson said.

The “Guardian” came in a first analysis to the conclusion that Hunt had won the duel technically in his argument confidently. Boris Johnson, however, would have more closely reflected the positions of the majority within the Tory party.

Johnson claimed that he will withdraw Britain at any cost on October 31 from the EU will lead, with or without Brexit agreement. But there is considerable doubt as to whether he has a credible plan for it. Both in his proposals for a renegotiation of the Brexit Agreement and in his no-deal plans, he became entangled in contradictions. In addition, it is unclear whether he could prevail against the opposition of the Parliament with a no-deal Brexit.

The chairman of the British Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, had previously called the future Conservative Prime Minister for a second Brexit referendum. In a letter to all members of the main opposition party, Corbyn made it clear on Tuesday that his party would in this case advertise a whereabouts in the EU. He demanded that the British have the final say in both cases and decide to abandon the EU exit. “Whoever the next prime minister is, should have the self-confidence to submit his deal or no deal to the public in a public vote,” said the Labor leader.

Who will be the next leader of the Conservative Party and thus Prime Minister, decide the approximately 160,000 Tory members in these days by postal vote. It is expected that many have already made their decision. Johnson is hard to beat. The result of the election should not be known until July 23rd.

The British voted in June 2016 by a narrow majority for an EU ride. The Brexit had to be postponed twice, because the parliament neither a departure without agreement nor that of May wanted to agree with Brussels negotiated deal.

In a TV duel in June with several candidates, Boris Johnson had not appeared. The politician had held back for strategic reasons with statements in the media.

Hunt said: “If his team does not allow him to discuss with five rather friendly colleagues – how will he deal with 27 European countries? He should be here to answer that very question”.

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