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London: Berkshire County implements railway model that passes through treatment rooms of violent prisoners in Broadmoor Hospital


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Broadmoor, a rehabilitation hospital in West London’s Berkshire County has implemented a railway model that passes through treatment rooms housing the most dangerous criminals in Britain at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars, and among the prisoners who received treatment at Broadmoor Hospital Charles Robinson, who is known as “the most violent prisoner in Britain”, is featured alongside Ronnie Cray, the late gang leader in Britain.

The workers at Broadmoor Psychiatric Hospital in Crowthorne, Berkshire, according to the newspaper “The Daily Mail”, developed a giant train complex and intricately built for patients, and put the building of the Victorian Broadmoor Hospital, which is 150 years old in Crowthorne, a giant train group, and at a time Earlier this month, patients and staff moved to a new site, at a cost of 250 million pounds.

Jonathan Levy, a British author, co-authored a book called “Inside Broadmoor”, which revealed the details of his visit to the hospital during his working time. A documentary film about the hospital that houses the most dangerous criminals, and it is believed that the train provides therapeutic benefits to many convicts suffering from mental illness. Severe personality disturbances, and the book described the model that was designated as “breathtaking in construction and attention to detail” when it was shown in 2009, and the situation changed completely in 2019.

Author Jonathan Levy believes that the specified cost of carrying the train inside the hospital is “tens of thousands of dollars” and includes points, bridges and small figures with flags, hills, stations and the open countryside.

On the other hand, the famous Big Ben watch, one of Britain’s most important landmarks, will ring when the middle of the night marks the start of a new year on New Year’s Eve, for the first time since the disclosure of its new face from under the scaffolding during the restoration work of the tower known as the Elizabeth Tower. Its height is 96 meters, it enclosed scaffolding in the last two years, while the four-hour facades are being re-polished, the metal parts are re-painted, and the brilliantly carved stone engravings on the tower are cleaned.

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