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London Bridge attack: Britain debates on early release of prisoners


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London Bridge attack left two people dead in London has broken out a debate on the routine early release of prisoners in Britain. Previously, it had become known that the assassin Usman Khan, who killed a woman and a man near London Bridge on Friday, was a convicted terrorist who was released prematurely.

The dismissal was carried out according to media reports routinely. The responsible commission (Parole Board) announced on Saturday. “I have long argued that it is a mistake to release heavy and violent criminals prematurely from prison”, Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Conservative) said Friday evening ahead of a meeting of the National Crisis Staff.

The London Mayor Sadiq Khan of the opposition Labor Party questioned whether the competent authorities had sufficient funds available to monitor dangerous persons. It is unclear how the topic will influence the current election campaign. On December 12, the British will elect a new parliament. For Saturday, several campaign events were canceled.

The 28-year-old Usman Khan had planned to hit the London Stock Exchange, according to the Times, before being sentenced to 16 years in prison in 2012. He also wanted to build a training camp for terrorists. He had already been released on probation in December 2018, the police said, he wore an electronic ankle bracelet.

After completing the investigation, the police did not search at first. However, it was being investigated at high speed to find out whether other people were involved in the crime, according to a statement by Scotland Yard. An apartment in County Staffordshire in central England was searched during the investigation. The police tweeted, the extensive barriers would probably remain in force for some time after the London Bridge attack. The public should avoid the area.

According to the police, Friday’s London Bridge attack began at Fishmonger’s Hall, where the assassin attended a Cambridge University resocialization conference called Learning Together. He ended up on London Bridge where Usman Khan was shot dead by the police. He wore an explosive belt, which later turned out to be a dummy.

The 28-year-old man was reported to have threatened to blow up Fishmonger’s Hall, the former hall of the fishmonger’s guild in the City of London. There he should have started stabbing people. He was hounded by a number of men in the direction of the London Bridge, according to the Times report. One tried to spray the assassin with a fire extinguisher in the face, another had snatched the tusk of a narwhal, which hung in the guild hall as an ornament on the wall. Together they should have managed to steal the assassin two knives, which he had taped to his hand. Policemen finally separated the struggling men and shot at Usman Khan, as shown on videos circulating on the Internet.

Now we have to find out how Usman Khan was able to carry out the assassination, said the head of the British anti-terrorist investigators, Neil Basu. According to the newspaper “The Guardian,” the judge at Khan’s condemnation had described his plans as a “serious, long-term project” and warned that the man could pose a permanent risk to the public. Usman Khan has heard of nine extremists who were sentenced in 2012. He was the youngest of the group at the age of 19.

The London Bridge attack brings back bad memories of the summer of 2017. At that time, eight people died in the British capital, as terrorists with a transporter first circumnavigate three people on the London Bridge and then stab another five on the Borough Market. Policemen shot the three culprits. In March of the same year, an attacker drove a car on Westminster Bridge in several pedestrians, four passers-by died. The man also stabbed a police officer before he was shot dead by officials.

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