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London Bridge attack raises questions on justice system in UK


London Bridge attack raises questions on justice system in UK

The second terrorist attack on London Bridge in just two and a half years raises questions  about the justice...

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London Bridge attack: Britain debates on early release of prisoners

London Bridge attack left two people dead in London has broken out a debate on the routine early release...

The second terrorist attack on London Bridge in just two and a half years raises questions  about the justice system in the UK. The parties used the knife attack in the center of the British capital at the weekend for the election campaign . It became known that Usman Khan, who had killed two people with knives and injured other people on Friday, was a convicted terrorist who was paroled last December.

Usman was shot dead by police on Friday after passers-by with unusual attachments had taken him away from his victims and finally beaten him down: one sprayed foam at Usman’s face with a fire extinguisher, another at the nearby shed of a former fish market, where Usman had gone indiscriminately stabbing people, removing the tusk of a whale from the wall and using it as a weapon against the terrorist.

“Prime Minister Johnson blames the former Labor government for the premature release of the offender”

Together, the passers-by had succeeded in taking Usman’s knife, which he had apparently stuck to his hands. According to unconfirmed information, the officers fired two deadly shots at the already lying Usman after he had threatened to blow himself up. The explosive vest under his jacket, however, proved to be a dummy.

Usman, who grew up in Stoke-on-Trent in the English Midlands, was conspicuous 11 years ago at the age of 19. He was a member of the radical Salafist organization Al-Muhajiroun (Bangladesh), whose most prominent member is the London hate preacher Anjem Choudary.

Chaudry, who spent longer in jail but is now free, defended the men then as his students, whom he had met as “decent” young men. The judge described Usman as “dangerous” and sentenced him to 16 years in prison. A year ago, Usman was released prematurely after nearly seven years in prison; the judicial authorities speak of a “routine act”.

The terrorist organization “Islamic State” (IS) claimed responsibility for the knife murder this weekend, claiming that it is currently punishing those states that belong to the anti-IS coalition. Whether! Usman really acted at the direction of an organization is considered questionable in British security circles.

“London Bridge attack is now entering the election campaign slogan”

Three weeks ago, Interior Minister Priti Patel announced that the independent Joint Terrorist Analysis Center had downgraded the terror threat for the UK from “serious” to “significant.” Since the military crackdown on ISIS, the number of attacks worldwide has declined.

London Bridge attack is now entering the election campaign slogan. After the campaigns were initially suspended, the parties tried to capitalize on it over the weekend. Prime Minister Boris Johnson blamed that the former Labor government was responsible for the premature release of the assassin.

The release of London Bridge attacker became possible due to the changes in law made by the Labor Party, Johnson said on BBC. During a visit to the scene, he said that the common practice of suspending prison sentences halfway through time is just not working.

The recently presented Conservative election campaign calls for a “tougher stance on prison sentences”, which criticizes the Labor Party. Its chairman Jeremy Corbyn said over the weekend that the knife attack raises more questions about the handling of suspended sentences.

Of particular tragedy is that one of the two fatalities was a Cambridge law student who, according to newspaper reports, had volunteered to work for a charitable organization that also allegedly visited Usman. The victim’s father was quoted in newspapers over the weekend as saying that his son had always campaigned for the “underdogs” and had not agreed to politicize his death.

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