Wednesday, October 20, 2021

More than 100 sensitive documents disappear from MI 6 headquarters in London


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More than 100 highly sensitive documents disappeared during the work of modernizing the headquarters of the British Intelligence Service MI 6 in central London, and the Sun newspaper stated that the documents are not classified, but they are very sensitive, and were stored during the modernization work that involved about 40 workers inside a safe room in the building, access was granted only to a small group of monitors overseeing the works, but two weeks ago it turned out that they had disappeared.

“Documents disappeared from MI 6 headquarters include detailed plans for the building, including alarms and other security measures”

A well-informed source confirmed to the newspaper that the intelligence department closed the building with the isolation of all workers, saying that the loss of these documents was a matter of “blatantly irresponsible”, and the source explained that the documents include detailed plans for the building, including alarms and other security measures and, noting that these documents are considered “gold for foreign agents or terrorists”.

The newspaper confirmed that a number of these documents were later found inside the MI 6 headquarters, but the rest is still missing, but intelligence officials are convinced that it is “not in the hands of enemies”.

The newspaper confirmed that this “shocking security breach” prompted the MI 6 intelligence agency to cancel a contract worth millions of pounds. With the building developer Balfour Beatty overseeing the building, accusing the company of neglect.

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