Friday, August 19, 2022

More than half of Belgium’s anti-drug team abandon their duties


Zubair Yaqoob
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More than half of the Belgian federal team have abandoned the anti-drug squad, abandoning the duties and leaving the special control team, as protest in failure of cooperation between the local units and the drug control team in the battle against drug trafficking in Antwerp.

After the anti-drug team in Antwerp ended the operation, which was supposed to be taken care of by the federal team, tension between administrations escalated, according to Belgium local TV reported.

Told the local team by e-mail that their federal colleagues would not work with them in the same building anymore, which abandoned the anti-drug plan in Antwerp.

“The city council has invested 600,000 euros in this private office with all the possible IT resources,” said local police, adding that with the new lawyer in Antwerp, Frenkie De Kaiser, we would like to know how to proceed with the drug teams and plan Control. ”

For his part, Federal Police Chief Stany De Fleiger dismissed the departure of his staff, saying: “This claim lacks any difference.” Our staff work in many buildings, depending on the nature of work.

The mayor of Antwerp, Bart De Wever, described the departure of the federal team as a disgrace to the performance of the security services and judges, and demanded a “serious explanation” from Ministers Kevin Jens (Minister of Justice) and Minister of the Interior.

Lawyer De Keyser also stressed that the control plan is not devoid of obligation: “Each partner must fulfill its obligations.”

The assessment of the anti-narcotics team and the control plan, which was supposed to have already been completed in March and until September, was postponed.


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