Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Nigel Farage renews bid to Johnson


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The head of the United Kingdom and European Union membership referendum Party, Nigel Farage, again renewed his offer to Prime Minister Boris Johnson to cooperate in the United Kingdom and European Union membership referendum. His proposal for an alliance in the election campaign joined Nigel Farage on Friday in London with a threat. “I say Boris Johnson: Give up the deal!” He said at the start of his election campaign in London. The agreement between Johnson and the European Union has nothing to do with Brexit anymore, criticized Farage.

The deal negotiated by the Prime Minister has nothing to do with Brexit anymore, criticizes Farage – and threatens the Tories with an offensive in all constituencies

Both the ruling Tories and the Labor Party should have listened to the appearance of Farage attentive, the party leader wanted to comment on how many constituencies the Brexit Party for the election on 12 December candidates.

Farage threatened that if the prime minister did not agree to an alliance with his party, they would put up candidates in every constituency in the country. His party would then be “the only party that actually represents Brexit”, said the 55-year-old politician. His party has enough money for an extensive election campaign, Johnson should reject his offer.

Johnson did not want to upgrade Nigel Farage so far

For an alliance in the election campaign , he was also willing to compromise, but expect this willingness from Johnson, said Nigel Farage. With an alliance you could win the election together. So far, Johnson did not want to upgrade the boss of the Brexit party with a pact.

The head of government currently has no majority in the lower house and has to fight for every vote. With the early election Johnson wants to solve the deadlocked Brexit conflict. The withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union was postponed to the end of January at the latest.

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