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Political crisis in Moldova, EU calls for calm


Zubair Yaqoob
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The European Union (EU) on Saturday called for calm, restraint and dialogue in Moldova after the Constitutional Court ruled out the illegality of the parliament’s decision to form a government.

The EU Diplomatic Office said in a statement that The European Union calls for calm and restraint. Moreover, democratically elected representatives must find a way forward through dialogue“.

“The EU believes that” Moldova respects the rule of law and guarantees democracy in accordance with the basic principles of the partnership agreement, ” statement said.

“The European Union’s commitment to cooperate with Moldova in carrying out an active reform process in the country, especially with regard to combating corruption, ensuring the independence of the judiciary and not politicizing state institutions,” the statement stressed.

The outgoing Moldovan parliament appointed the leader of the Communist Party, Zinaida Greceanii as its president, and the leader of the Labor and Solidarity Party, Maia Sandu, as prime minister. But the Constitutional Court ruled that the decision was illegitimate and issued two hours after the results were announced, The tenth on June 8, 2019, the appointment of Zinaida Gretchen as speaker of parliament, illegal. ”

In addition, the Constitutional Court ruled that all decisions issued by this parliament will not be valid in the future as of June 8, and demanded that the President of the State, Igor Dudon, dissolve Parliament and hold early legislative elections.

The court explained its position by saying that the 90-day period allotted by the constitution to form a new government by parliament ended on the middle of the night of 8 June, before the resumption of the constituent session.

The court stressed that its decision was final and not subject to appeal.

For his part, the Moldovan president refused to dissolve the parliament, insisting that he was determined to sign decrees appointing the speaker of parliament and forming the government, as well as accepting the performance of deputies sworn in.

Deputy Prime Minister and Special Representative of the Russian President for the Development of Trade and Economic Relations with the Republic of Moldova, Dmitry Kozak, announced Sunday that Moldova’s events are an internal political process.


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