Thursday, August 18, 2022

Puppy killer sentenced to 30 months prison


Zubair Yaqoob
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A man who beats a puppy to death using a hammer has been sentenced to 30 months, and half of it will be spent in prison.

Kyle Keegan, 24, a resident of the city of Lurgan, Northern Ireland, has admitted to his cruel actions that caused the death of a puppy.

The body of Sparky, an 11-week-old puppy name, was found in a trash can in Ailsbury Park, Lurgan, in February 2018.

A post-mortem examination confirmed that the puppy had a broken bone and severe brain trauma.

The results of the examination also revealed Sparky had a skull fracture that made his brain bruise, shoulder injury, and lung bleeding.

‘Animals that are completely helpless’

Severe injuries to Sparky’s body may be caused by hammer blows on the back of the head, sides of the head and shoulders.

Keegan admitted he had carried out brutal acts last month the day before he was tried.

Judges at Craigavon ​​Crown Court said on Wednesday a post-mortem report showed that the possibility of the puppy picking up death with extraordinary suffering.

“It’s hard to imagine how violence was inflicted on a small 11-week-old puppy using a hammer,” the judge added.

“Obviously, these animals are completely helpless,” he said.

After being released from prison, Keegan was prohibited from raising animals for 30 years.

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