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Queen Elizabeth is looking for a new manager for family trips


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For better comfort of family members, Queen Elizabeth II is looking for a new travel manager to ensure that the royal family uses efficient and low-cost trips. The royal palace has announced the advantages of the job and also the conditions that must be met for applicants to fill the vacant Royal Family Trips Manager. £85,000 a year, following criticism of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex after using private jets during their recent trips.

British royal family trips

The royal palace announcement says the winner will be based at Buckingham Palace and will work 37.5 hours a week, while the Royal Journey will be funded by taxpayers of Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth and other members of the royal family, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

The Royal Tour Manager will organize air travel, as well as manage and schedule royal train trips that previously cost tens of thousands of pounds. However, the main part of the job is to research and negotiate value for money contracts and travel options. Recent royal accounts revealed that she spent 4.6 million pounds last year on traveling alone.

The royal family’s announcement to look for a manager for the queen and princes trips.

Queen Elizabeth II

The job skills required good understanding of aviation safety auditing, negotiation and resolution of conflicting demands. A royal source said: This is very important position that includes domestic operations requirement. It is an essential part of the role where candidates can plan travel options. Correct and negotiate value for money contracts.

Patrick Lacey, the current director, has headed the department since July 2011. The latest royal family reports reveal that the family’s carbon footprint from official travel almost doubled last year to 3,434 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Harry and Megan have faced criticism Having allegedly flown secretly 4 times in 11 days during the summer, including a one-hour and 40-minute private trip to Sir Elton John’s private holiday home in Nice, this requires a fuel requirement of 411 gallons.

Crown Prince of Britain and his wife

The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy says 2.52 kilograms of carbon dioxide is emitted from every liter of burned turbine fuel, while Harry defended his use of private jets, saying he needed to make sure his family was safe.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were spotted on a £73 budget FlyBe in late August during a trip to Balmoral, while most of the Prince of Wales’s overseas visits saw chartered flights, while his staff went on scheduled flights, topping the list of lesser royal family members.

Royal Journey will be funded by taxpayers of Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth and other members

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall made the most expensive overseas tour, spending £416,576 on a visit to Cuba and the Caribbean in March. Palace chiefs said at the time that the trip was made at the request of the Foreign Office as usual for all overseas trips. Both are now in the 1970s, seven countries over the course of 11 days and implemented 57 engagements.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Charles also made an individual trip to Wales in December 2018 by the Royal Train, which cost £17,000, while the individual visit by Scotland in January 2019 came to the same amount, while the royal family spent nearly £200,000 on private jets. To take them to and from their homes in Scotland, one cost £28,911 to travel to Burkal in the Highlands and back again.

“This role is essential to ensure the operation of the household and the purchase of safe, cost-effective travel services that are appropriate to the official duties of the Royals and their families,” he said. “As the Royal Flight Manager, you have full responsibility for organizing flights and overseeing flight operations”.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

“Led by a small team at the Royal Flight Office and the helicopter flight of Queen Elizabeth, based in Odiham, you will provide logistical support to the royal family including supporting court moves and official visits and providing staff travel to support all families”, he said. The procedures are very effective, seeking value for and negotiating money contracts and travel options, while understanding and recommending industry best practices in risk and safety management.

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