Sunday, May 22, 2022

Southern London: Police shoot man after alleged terrorist attack


Hailey Warner
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In London, a man according to the police stabbed several people. He was shot by the police, the agency said on the short message service Twitter. According to current knowledge, this is based on a terrorist background. At the present time, the police assume that several people have been stabbed. The circumstances would be examined. People are called to avoid the area.

The last incident of this kind in London occurred in November. At that time, the police had shot a man who had worn the dummy of an explosive vest. He had stabbed two people and injured three others before passers-by could overwhelm him. Even then, the police spoke of a terrorist background.

One shocked local resident, a man in his 20s, said: ‘A bloke with a knife stabbed somebody outside the White Lion pub, and then the police shot the knifeman. ‘It all happened so quickly; I can’t believe it.’ Local resident Stuart Birch, 50, a bookmaker, said: ‘I was just coming back from the dentists at around 2.30pm when I saw a helicopter ambulance on the Common and a police helicopter hovering above the High Street. ‘Police have cordoned off a section of the main road either side of the White Lion. ‘I saw customers being evacuated by the police from a coffee shop near the pub. ‘Then an ambulance turned up outside the pub with horns blaring and the blue lights flashing.’ Police earlier said they were dealing with an ‘incident’. They warned people to stay away from the area.

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