Sunday, May 22, 2022

Spain Election 2019: Gridlock remains after 50 percent counting


Robert Frank
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Spain Election 2019: A preliminary outcome of Sunday’s general election, published by the Interior Ministry after counting about 50 percent of the vote, indicated that the right or left was unlikely to win a clear majority.

Socialist Party of Acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez took 124 seats in the lower house of the 350-seat parliament, but more political stalemate appears likely after a split between the mainstream and smaller parties in Spain Election 2019. The People’s Conservative won 87 seats.

The far-right Fox Party won 49 seats and emerged as the third largest party to win votes in a big leap from the previous elections in April, which marked the first time a far-right party had won seats in Spain in more than 40 years. Center-right Citizen Party (Theodadanos) has 10 seats.

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