Syphilis cases in Europe jumps 70 percent due to similar sex

Syphilis cases in Europe jumps 70 percent due to similar sex

The syphilis case surged to seventy percent in Europe, over the past decade and for the first time since 2000 has become more prevalent in many countries than in new HIV cases, according to healthcare experts.

According to the report of the European Center for Prevention and Control of Diseases (ECDC), cases of sexually transmitted diseases increased by 70 per cent, since 2010.

The report said the increase was due to more unprotected sexual activity and sexual behavior among homosexual men.

“The increase in syphilis infection across Europe is a result of unprotected sex and sex couples as well as the growing fear of getting infected with HIV,” ECDC expert Andrew Amato-Gauci said.

The report, published after the World Health Organization (WHO), last month, informed about one million individuals worldwide infected with sexually transmitted diseases every day.

If untreated, syphilis causes severe effects on men and women including infant mortality and increased risk of HIV.

At world level, syphilis is the leading cause of infant deaths in 2016.

Stockholm-based ECDC monitors health and disease in Europe. The research noted that over 260,000 syphilis cases were reported from 30 countries from 2007 to 2017. Reuters reported

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