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The British government will agree to exchange ships with Iran?


Zubair Yaqoob
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The British government responded with Thursday’s decision to fix a British tanker in the strait of Arabian Gulf last Friday on Iranian speedboats. So far, the British government had argued that it did not have enough resources to provide military security for every British ship in the waters around the oil-rich Arab states.

The decision to grant military protection to every British ship is not due to the new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. According to a government official, the plans have grown in recent days.

Meanwhile, Iran has informed the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London of the alleged violations of the confiscated British tanker in the Persian Gulf. The Iranian report to the UN organization said that the Stena Impero had taken the wrong direction from the south into the Strait of Hormuz and caused a collusion with an Iranian fishing vessel, wrote the Iranian ambassador in London, Hamid Baeidinejad , on Twitter on Thursday. In addition, the tanker had the GPS off.

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Iran had already made these allegations after the tanker was stopped and arrested last Friday by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. The ship is currently at the port of Bandar Abbas. The incident sparked a diplomatic crisis between Tehran and London. The British government spoke of an act of “state piracy”. The “Stena Impero” belongs to the Swedish Stena Bulk, but it does sail under the British flag.

To settle the tanker with Britain, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has proposed an exchange with an Iranian oil tanker held by the United Kingdom on 4 July in Gibraltar. UK argue that the tanker has oil for Syria on board, which violates EU sanctions. Rouhani emphasized that Iran does not want to conflict with the Britain and other Europeans in the Persian Gulf. If the British in Gibraltar adhered to the rules and would release the tanker, Iran will respond appropriately, Rouhani said on Wednesday.

The Gulf crisis came after the United States withdrew from the international nuclear deal last year and gradually reimposed tough sanctions on the Iranian oil sector in particular. Nonetheless, Iran kept the treaty for another year to prevent the construction of an Iranian nuclear bomb. Since June, however, Tehran also violates all provisions of the contract.

On Thursday, the United States, Britain and other countries wanted to discuss measures to protect maritime navigation in the region. Britain had proposed a mission under European flag. There are rumors in the power corridors within the new British government to opt a way to exchange the ships with Iran and next to fix British guard ships with the merchant vessels.

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