Thursday, June 30, 2022

The European Union is strengthening its air fleet to cope with forest fires next summer


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The European Union is working to strengthen its European fleet of firefighting aircraft under the rescue system to prepare for the risk of forest fires this coming summer.

The European Union funds the Swedish government’s purchases of two firefighting planes to add to the reserve, and this adds a total of 13 aircraft and 6 helicopters that will be part of the rescue fleet in 2020 and funded by the European Union.

Crisis Management Commissioner Janez Lenarcic said, “Forest fires can escalate at any time, and climate change has expanded across Europe. We need to prepare for this summer, and thank our Swedish friends who are making a strong contribution to fighting the fires we save, and our European forest fire fighting fleet in place to be ready in the best possible way for this year’s fires season.”

The European Union funds seven European Union member states to assemble their planes and helicopters into the Fire and Rescue Fleet of 2020, which can be easily deployed to other countries in times of need.

They are as follows: one firefighter from France, two firefighters from Greece, two firefighters from Italy, two firefighters from Spain, two firefighters, and 6 firefighting helicopters from Sweden.

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