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Theresa May leaves office as party leader


Zubair Yaqoob
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The British Prime Minister Theresa May gives up after almost three years the office as party leader of the Conservatives. This happens on Friday in London in an unspectacular way by a letter. At the same time, the tender for a successor begins. The winner of the multi-stage process is set to be finalized by the end of July – and May then replace Mayor at the top of the government.

The field of applicants is large and dazzling. There are eleven candidates so far. On Monday, the nominations for May’s succession will be accepted. The best opportunities will be ex-Foreign Minister Boris Johnson granted. The controversial politician has stepped as a chief diplomat in many tricks. However, he is credited with winning back disappointed Brexit voters who have turned away from the Conservatives. Even the very well networked Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs of the United Kingdom Michael Gove has many supporters.

May had failed to put Parliament on a common Brexit course. She had failed with her Brexit deal three times in the lower house. Some of the candidates now want to renegotiate the failed agreement with Brussels and in case of doubt also withdraw without a deal. The deadline for leaving the EU has now been extended twice. It ends now on the 31st of October.

Conservatives have been under pressure from the right since the European elections in late May. The new Brexit party of Nigel Farage had made it with almost 32 percent of the votes from the state to the strongest force. The Tories were punished and only came to around nine percent.

In the by-election in the eastern constituency Peterborough, the Labor candidate Lisa Forbes narrowly prevailed against the candidate of the Brexit party, Mike Greene. The Farage Party had hoped for the first seat in the British Parliament. In the end, Forbes was 683 votes ahead of Greene, as the agency PA reported.

During his state visit this week, US President Donald Trump had already met with several of May’s successors. He certified – contrary to all diplomatic practices – Johnson excellent skills for the Office of the party and government. The United States and Britain are seeking a major trade agreement after London’s exit from the EU.

Prior to leaving office, May wants to announce, billion programs for education. However, a dispute with Finance Minister Philip Hammond broke out, the Financial Times reported Thursday. He wanted to have a filled “war chest” until the danger of a disorderly exit from the EU was banned.

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