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Trudeau appoints Vincent Rigby as national security adviser


Mehboob Ali Shaikh
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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Wednesday, that Vincent Rigby has been appointed as National Security Adviser, the third National Security Adviser since Trudeau took over as Prime Minister in 2015. Vincent Rigby takes over after Trudeau’s former National Security Adviser, Greta Bossenmaier, announced her retirement in November after 35 years working in the federal public service.

Rigby has a variety of different experiences, including his duties at the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Public Safety in Canada, and the Office of the Privy Council and Global Affairs Canada (the Department of Foreign Affairs).

“Vincent Rigby is the third person to hold the position under Trudeau’s government”

He previously supported the prime minister’s participation in three G20 summits, participated in talks to set new development goals at the United Nations, participated in the Arctic Council and helped manage the Afghanistan mission.

Rigby’s appointment comes as the federal government suffers with a number of sensitive security files, including the strained relationship with China, as well as the plane that crashed in Iran.

Vincent Rigby is the third person to hold the position under Trudeau’s government since Daniel Jean’s resignation in May 2018 following the controversy over the prime minister’s trip to India.

Professional experience of Vincent Rigby 

Since August 2019
Associate Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

2017 – 2019
Associate Deputy Minister of Public Safety

2013 – 2017
Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategic Policy, Global Affairs Canada

2010 – 2013
Vice-President, Strategic Policy and Performance Branch, Canadian International Development Agency

2008 – 2010
Executive Director, Intelligence Assessment Secretariat, Privy Council Office

2006 – 2008
Assistant Deputy Minister, Policy, National Defence

2004 – 2006
Director General, Policy Planning, National Defence

2002 – 2004
Director, Policy Development, National Defence

2001 – 2002
Director, Arms and Proliferation Control Policy, National Defence

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