Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Two Australian universities refused to be associated with Prince Andrew


Hailey Warner
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Two Australian universities have cut ties with a charity body founded by Prince Andrew, after he refused to deny his friendship with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Bond University and RMIT University in Melbourne said they could no longer partner with ‘ Pitch @ Palace ‘, a charity body founded by the Duke of York, to promote entrepreneurship.

“The management of Bond University, Queensland is reviewing its collaboration with ‘ Pitch @ Palace ‘ next year, but the decision was made early.

“Following on from recent events, the university does not intend to be involved in their activities any longer,” a spokeswoman told AFP.

Meanwhile, RMIT University said its association with ‘ Pitch @ Palace ‘ expired last October and would not resume.

“We are always committed to our commitment to ensure RMIT provides a safe and inclusive learning and work environment,” the university said.

Another university in the country, Murdoch University, said they were studying support for the event organized by Pitch @ Palace , which will be held next year.

Earlier, a number of businesses and universities in the United Kingdom had announced that they would not be associated with Prince Andrew and his charity.

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