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UK election poll says overwhelming victory for Boris Johnson


Zubair Yaqoob
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BBC said the Conservative Party of Prime Minister Boris Johnson will win the UK election, in a forecast, the absolute majority of seats in parliament. This was reported by the British broadcaster after the polls closed late Thursday. Johnson can count on a comfortable majority. The Tories have therefore won 368 of 650 seats, the opposition Labor Party came after the forecast to 191 seats. However, a resilient result was only expected early Friday morning.

If the prognosis is confirmed, the head of government, who has not had a majority in the lower house since the beginning of September, would have had a free rein for his Brexit deal and could lead Britain out of the European Union as planned on January 31, next year after the UK election.

According to the exit agreement, the country should remain in a transitional phase until the end of 2020. Until then, Johnson wants to negotiate a contract for future relations with the international community. The time is, however, considered conceivable. An extension option of up to two years, which is possible until July 2020, has been ruled out by the prime minister. If no follow-up agreement is reached, a no-deal scenario threatens again at the end of next year.

The British had voted in favor of leaving the EU in a referendum in 2016 with a slim majority. With the tough negotiations could Johnson’s predecessor Theresa May in November 2018 submit a withdrawal agreement. But the subsequent ratification in the British Parliament failed. Not least because their government has not had its own majority since the last UK election in 2017. The Brexit was postponed several times, May finally had to resign.

Johnson acted after taking office in the summer of 2019 changes to the withdrawal agreement. The most controversial part, the so-called backstop scheme for an open border between Northern Ireland and the EU Member Republic of Ireland, has been replaced by an alternative regime. Northern Ireland should continue to comply with EU rules on customs duties and product standards.

However, this met with resistance in the Northern Irish Protestant DUP, whose votes depended on the conservative minority government. After an unsuccessful attempt to bring his agreement with votes from the opposition by the parliament, Johnson finally pushed for a new election.

Great Britain has a relative majority vote. Only the candidate with the most votes in his constituency moves into parliament. All votes for defeated candidates expire. As a result, the two major parties – Conservatives and Labor – are favored and usually bring clear majority ownership.

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