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UK polls : Survey predicts clear victory for Tory party


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The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, with his conservative Tory party, faces a clear victory in the 12 December parliamentary election, according to a new poll. This emerges from a survey published by the polling agency YouGov for The Times.

If elected this Thursday, the Tory party would get 359 out of 650 seats – 42 more than at the last election in 2017. The opposition Labor Party of Jeremy Corbyn, on the other hand, would only get 211 seats, 51 fewer than last. The Scottish National Party (SNP) of Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon would have 43 seats, the Liberal Democrats 13.

“If elected this Thursday, the Tory party would get 359 out of 650 seats”

Thus, the Tory party would have majority of 68 seats. According to Labor, the second worst defeat after the war begins. In other polls, the Tories were clearly ahead of the other parties. Britain has a majority vote; only those who get the majority in one of the 650 constituencies will get the corresponding seat in parliament.

YouGove survey is considered quite reliable: In 2017, it had predicted a parliament without clear majority, which proved to be correct. Around 100,000 people were interviewed in seven days with inter alia, age, gender and local political conditions.

“Around 100,000 people were interviewed in seven days with inter alia, age, gender and local political conditions”

The most important election promise of the Conservatives is to complete the EU exit by January, 31 2020 with the renegotiated Brexit deal. Labor promises to negotiate a new Brexit agreement within three months. Subsequently, in a second referendum, the British will have the choice between a Brexit with close ties to the EU or remaining in the international community.

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