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Will Theresa May be back on Friday?


Zubair Yaqoob
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After a day of political strokes struggles Theresa May for her political survival and legacy. As the “Times” reported, she should be ready to announce her resignation on Friday. Allies believe they meet after meeting with Sir Graham Brady announce their resignation, “the article said. However, she wanted to remain in office until a successor had been found, which could take six to eight weeks.

On Wednesday evening, the British Prime Minister also lost an important comrade-in-arms with the resignation of the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs. On this Thursday, she has to worry about more ministers taking their hat and the British their Tory party at the European elections punish. On Friday, May meets the head of the Conservative Party’s 1922 committee, Graham Brady. The committee regulates the election and deselection of the party leader. According to media reports, May will then make a binding declaration as to when she will resign. Otherwise you should threaten a party-internal vote of no confidence and thus practically a sacking.

On Wednesday evening, the 1922 Committee had not yet, according to British media to a rule change, which would have allowed Mays quick deselection. If May were overthrown as party leader, she would have to give up her government office according to British tradition. So far, a vote of no confidence in the party can take place only once in twelve months – and the most recent attempt failed only in December 2018.

The 1922 Committee was the result of an initiative by MEPs in 1922 to improve internal-party cooperation. The actual foundation was not until 1923.

With a campaign speech May advertised on Wednesday in Parliament for her recent plans for the EU exit. She even announced a vote on a referendum on her withdrawal agreement in view. But the reactions were devastating. Demands for her resignation were louder. In the end, even her minister for parliamentary questions, Andrea Leadsom, in protest against their plans back.

May will publish her new bill on Friday. However, she has already failed three times with her Brexit deal in parliament. And again, the signs are bad. Leadsom said in her letter of resignation that she does not believe the government’s approach will fulfill the electoral will of the 2016 Brexit referendum. The legislative initiatives to withdraw from the EU were neither adequately examined nor approved by the Cabinet. Indirectly she called May to resign. “I urge you now to make the right decisions in the interests of the country.”

Leadsom, as Leader of the House of Commons, played a key role in the cabinet of Prime Minister Theresa May in conflict with parliament. The Brexit advocate was after the vote of the British for the EU exit in 2016 and the resignation of David Cameron As head of government initially competed against May, but then withdrew from the race. It was not ruled out that even more Cabinet members take their hat off.

The opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn termed May’s suggestions as “little more than a repackaged version” of the already repeatedly rejected agreement. May only have days in office, predicted Corbyn and called for a new election.

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The conservative chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in Parliament, Tom Tugendhat, called on May to announce her resignation following the British election to the European Parliament. “There is one last chance to do it right and to go in a regular manner,” Tugendhat wrote in the Financial Times.

The British voted in favor of leaving the EU almost three years ago in a referendum. They only participate in the European elections because May has not got a majority in parliament for the exit agreement. The EU withdrawal was therefore postponed to 31 October at the latest.

Polls predict a blistering defeat for May’s conservatives in the European elections. Great election favorite is the EU-hostile Brexit party of Nigel Farage, which is according to surveys at 38 percent. Such a result could accelerate May’s fall. The results will be published on Sunday. Should May overthrow, a new election is considered likely because the Conservatives have no own majority in parliament and for renegotiations with the European Union there is no political room for maneuver.

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