Monday, May 16, 2022

A glorious model of human rights


Parvez Jamil
Parvez Jamil has four decades of intensive and extensive experience with excellence in Public Affairs, Corporate Communication and Media Management. He has an inherent will and wish to take on board the less-privileged in his personal and professional priorities.

The most beautiful model of salvaging and saving the physically weak and helpless overwhelming the most brutal example of physical violence against the weak and helpless. This was over 1400 years ago in Arabia when the tyrants cut loose untold hell, torture, and misery on weak, old, sick, and poor; with the unique example of Hazrat Bilal RA, because he was a black commonly hated slave. Prophet Muhammad PBUH saved and salvaged the grace and dignity of this exploited, tortured, and agonized slave.

When Allah’s beloved Bilal’s tongue waivered while performing FAJR AZAAN, people said to Prophet PBUH to ask a better-voiced person for AZAAN that was never to be. And then the glorious message of Allah was revealed by an angel that there would be no dawn of day without Hazrat Bilalal’s RA performing AZAAN. Hence the entire universe invigorated aloud ” Arsh wale bhi suntay they jisko kia AZAAN thi AZAAN E BILALI ” as so serenely and divinely echoed by Farid Sabri continent to continent over the universal horizon.

Imagine the logic and the reality when female kids and women were exploited in society and not respected in their own homes! Here is an all-time example of solace for them with the most illuminating model of grace and dignity for women and the female child conquering brutality, tyranny, and violence.

Over 1400 years ago and for all times the “Messenger of Mercy” Prophet Muhammad PBUH set enlightening trends for care, grace, dignity, and respect for womankind. The richest woman of those times Hazrat Khadija RA was so touched and moved by his PBUH simplicity, piety, and honesty that she became his PBUH wife. The most exemplary respect, caring, and sharing he PBUH had for his beloved daughter Hazrat Fatima RA shall continue to illuminate and enlighten the annals of human history.

How well said it is addressing discrimination and injustice against women needs to start from the home for if a woman cannot be safe in her own house then she cannot be expected to feel safe anywhere. Is it not much easier to explain the veil than to answer questions about the wounds! All religions, mainly, especially, and centrally ISLAM teaches to respect women in letter and spirit.

The most glorious model of loving, caring, sharing, and helping the elderly our beloved most Prophet Muhammad PBUH over 1400 years ago and for all times. He pbuh always advised to respect, love, and care for parents as among the very first and foremost priorities of life. Prophet Muhammad PBUH always referred to respect for the elderly as respect for Allah.

Tody neglected generally is the sweet whole lot of special folks, particularly special kids, some with amazing or astonishing skills and talents. It is physical negligence rather than physical exploitation. Mental stability and balance are adversely affected leading to impulsive reactions and hysterical rampages if ignored or neglected. There is weeping and crying leading to shouting or screaming fighting and hitting. If not intervened and controlled it leaves many multiple injuries.

Do imagine the torture and agony unleashed in jails or prisons. Inmates here are already serving. their rigorous terms for crimes they committed. As you sow so shall you reap. All is dark, suffocated, helpless, and hapless for them. Enough is enough when they are mercilessly subjected to torture and violence. Solutions call for and solutionists advocate addressing human rights and jail reforms in their very true essence. Needed are some responsible conscious and caring leaders and statesmen to address the situation.

One neglected aspect of extremism is the dawn to midnight dragging souls begging around in slums and streets of towns and cities. While this may be a habitual practice, it turns into physical abuse and violence of the begging beings. The remedy lies in the efficient and effective implementation of the human rights clauses by human rights activists and concerned philanthropists and leadership.

Rays of hope and springs of salvation dawn over the universal horizon! The most lovely, loveable, loveliest, and the most respected, idealized, and blissful, Muhammad PBUH, the “Messenger of mercy”, for humankind across slums, streets, suburbs, cities, countries, continents, and the world at large.

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