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Bill Gates speaks of his greatest fear-I don’t want my mind to stop working


Zain Zubair
Zain Zubair is a staff writer for World News Observer. He is studying ACCA in Pakistan. Besides Accountancy and writing pieces, he loves cooking and nature photography. Zain has attended various modern journalism workshops. Contact: [email protected]

In a glimpse of the documentary series, the richest man in the world Bill Gates revealed about his biggest fears, said “I don’t want my mind to stop working“. Gates also explained that his favorite animal is the dog and his favorite food is hamburger.

63-year-old Bill Gates is one of the world’s wealthiest people and one of the most famous technology giants. Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Gates launched Microsoft with Paul Allen in 1975; it went on to become the world’s largest personal computer software company. 

Gates led the company as chairman and CEO until stepping down as CEO in January 2000, but he remained chairman and became chief software architect. In June 2006, Gates announced that he would be transitioning to a part-time role at Microsoft and full-time work at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the private charitable foundation that he and his wife, Melinda Gates, established in 2000.

He gradually transferred his duties to Ray Ozzie and Craig Mundie. He stepped down as chairman of Microsoft in February 2014 and assumed a new post as technology advisor to support the newly appointed CEO Satya Nadella.

A new documentary series will be released that reveals new details in Bill Gates’s life and one of his biggest fears.

Gates also revealed from a period of the most regrettable things, which is not to launch a rival operating system for IOS before Google introduced the Android system.

Gates said at the time: “As you know in the world of software, especially for the platforms, these are the markets that attract the attention of everyone, so the biggest mistake of all is whatever mismanagement involved, and caused Microsoft to not be the place of Android, it was This is normal for Microsoft to win”.

Gates also acknowledged that there was room for only one operating system other than Apple’s existence and that the gap was filled by Google, when Microsoft could have done so. “There is room for one non-Apple operating system, and what is that value? Which could have been converted from Google to Microsoft”.

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft Corp., spoke about some of the leadership qualities of Steve Jobs, as he acknowledged that the late co-founder of Apple might be a “fool” But at the same time, he said no one could match Steve Jobs “in terms of choosing talent, over-stimulation of that talent, and a sense of determination”.

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