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Brexit confidential documents leaked


Zubair Yaqoob
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Brexit confidential documents leaked which revealed that Britain will face fuel, food and medical shortages, if it leaves the EU without a deal.

The situation was predicted in a leaked confidential documents, the Sunday Times reported, but some interpretations were questioned by some ministers.

The confidential documents list possible ports of congestion, protests and widespread chaos. According to the news site, the forecast was made by the Cabinet Office to predict the Brexit shock without a deal compared to the worst.

However, the minister is responsible for coordinating Brexit preparations without agreeing to dismiss the media reports.

The confidential documents showed the worst situation of Brexit without an agreement and plans to resolve it had been accelerated over the past three weeks.

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According to the ST, the report estimates that up to 85 percent of trucks using the main border crossing may not be ready for French customs, which will cause disruption at the port for up to three months, before traffic can recover.

The government also believes that border barriers between Northern Ireland and EU member states, the Republic of Ireland, may be under pressure as it moves to avoid widespread scrutiny of borders that are deemed unsustainable, the report said.

“The report compiled by the Cabinet Office this week, under the code name Yellowhammer Operation, shows how the government’s secret efforts to prevent the country’s infrastructure collapse,” the Sunday Times said.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office said it did not comment on the leaked documents. A government source said the leak was made by a former minister who was not disclosed because he wanted to influence talks with the EU.

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