Thursday, August 11, 2022

Corona virus can trigger next pandemic, after swine flu


Zubair Yaqoob
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World Health Organization (WHO) reported at least two new outbreaks with Corona virus that could have serious consequences for our lives. Sometimes there are infectious diseases that have long since been defeated, such as measles or polio, sometimes they are new, unknown pathogens such as Zika or Sars.

The WHO is challenged again – also in the case of the unknown corona virus from Wuhan, which has apparently been transmitted back to humans from wild animals and can cause a fatal lung disease.

World has become more complex

The pathogen appears to be a variant of the actually eradicated Sars Corona virus, which appeared in southern China in 2003 and led to the first pandemic of the 21st century.

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Back then almost a thousand people died. A lot has improved since then: The WHO expressly praises China, which reacted much faster 17 years after Sars and was much better prepared for a possible pandemic. At the same time, our world has become more complex: The population of the metropolitan areas, especially in Asia, has grown explosively, people and goods are constantly traveling by ship or plane.

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Viruses have it even easier to spread quickly and across the globe. In this respect, the global community as a whole is challenged and must act decisively before the Wuhan virus can trigger the next pandemic – after the swine flu in 2009.

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