Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Cyber-attacks targeted major US cities for ransom


Zubair Yaqoob
The author has diversified experience in investigative journalism. He is Chief content editor at

Cyber-attacks targeting financial blackmail have paralyzed the majority of the United States this year, the NY Times reported.

More than 40 US municipalities have been the victims of cyber-attacks this year, according to a report on Thursday, adding that hackers are shutting down police networks and public utilities, which officials need to address faulty computers and decide whether they should They pay the ransom or not.

Attacks hit major cities of United States such as Baltimore, Albany and Laredo, Texas, and even smaller ones, such as Lake City, Florida, and were among the few cities that had to pay the required ransom of about $ 46,000 from Bitcoin. It will be more expensive.

In most cases of ransom, the identities and location of hackers are hidden by smart digital tools, and intelligence officials, who use data collected by the National Security Agency NSA and others in an attempt to identify sources of piracy, say many of those hackers came from Eastern Europe and Iran, and in some cases from within the United States, the majority of attacks have targeted small towns, arguing that cash-strapped local governments are least likely to update their electronic defenses or back up their data.

In July The US Department of Homeland Security said that Iran is directing electronic attacks targeting the United States amid rising tensions between the two countries, and warned government and private institutions to prepare for their defense against those attacks.

Christopher Crepes, chief security officer at the ministry, said the Iranian side, both Iranian and self-employed, was increasing their targeting of US agencies, institutions and industries with destructive electronic attacks that could destroy entire electronic networks.

Michael Connell, an Iranian expert at the US think-tank CNA, said the threat of highly damaging and widespread cyber-attacks on businesses and businesses in the United States could increase in the wake of an electronic attack directed by the US Electronic Command against an electronic intelligence group related to Iranian forces late June.

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