Thursday, June 30, 2022

Deadly Coronavirus: Death toll reaches to 132, infected six thousand


Zubair Yaqoob
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Chinese state television announced that the death toll from the “coronavirus” has risen to 132, Chinese TV said that the number of confirmed cases of the virus has reached nearly 6 thousand cases.

Counselor Nader Saad, a spokesman for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, said that Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, the Prime Minister, had contacted the Egyptian Ambassador to China to check on the conditions of the Egyptian community.

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“Saad” stated, during a phone call to the “Every day” program presented by the media to Bani Assal, on “Al-Hayat” screen, on Tuesday evening, that the Egyptian ambassador to China confirmed that no injury has appeared in the Egyptian community until now, in addition to the presence of a working cell Inside the Egyptian embassy in Beijing, to check on the Egyptian community.

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He explained that the process of evacuating Egyptians from Wuhan is related to Chinese sovereignty, appealing to the Egyptians to communicate with our embassy in Beijing, noting that the Egyptian ambassador did not mention during his conversation with the Prime Minister what was published about the inability of the Egyptian community to Wuhan to obtain food.

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The Spectator Index reported the deaths number 131, around 1000 people are seriously infected and over 5000 people are confirmed with deadly coronavirus.

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