Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Heatwave kills 400 in the Netherlands


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Nearly 400 people died in the Netherlands during the worst heatwave that hit Europe recently compared to normal summer temperatures, national statistics agency CBS said Friday.

Total of 2,964 people died in the country during the week beginning July 22, according to CBS, which is about 15 percent more than the average week in summer.

Temperatures recorded a sharp fall across Europe during the July heat wave, and for the first time since record temperatures rose above 40 degrees Celsius in the Netherlands on July 25.

The death toll in the Netherlands during the week was comparable to the number of two heat wave cases in 2006, one of the longest in the country, researchers said.

About 300 more deaths are among older people over 80.

Most deaths were recorded in the east of the Netherlands, which saw higher temperatures and prolonged heat waves than any other part of the country.

In total, the Dutch population amounted to about 17 million.

The heat wave is the second to hit Europe in a month, and weather experts warn it may become common as the planet gets warmer due to greenhouse gas emissions.

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