Monday, October 25, 2021

Islamophobia: Pregnant Muslim woman crushed, trampled in Australia


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Islamophobia: A man in Australia is accused of beating and stomping on a pregnant woman in what the country’s leading Islamic association calls ‘an attack on Islamophobia’.

Security camera footage shows a man storming a table where three veiled women were chatting at a café in Sydney on Wednesday.

Without provocation, the 43-year-old rushed to the table to attack the 31-year-old, who police say was 38 weeks old.

The attacker, identified as Stipe Lozina, 43, allegedly made a comment about Muslims before attacking the woman, according to local media reports.

“Islamophobia in Australia is a continuous phenomenon and the most exposed women” – Study

He was arrested and charged with assault causing bodily harm. His request for bail was denied by Parramatta Local Court.

Local police praised the efforts of the bystanders who intervened.

After being stabbed several times, the woman collapsed and stepped on it, before the crowd began to pull the attacker.

Police said a suspect had been charged with assault causing bodily harm and was not offered bail.

They declined to comment further on the attacker’s motives, but did not deny that some additional charges would be made against the suspect.

The Federation of the Islamic Council of Australia (AFIC) said on Wednesday that the man was shouting out hate speech to the victim and his friends.

“Obviously this is racist attacks and Islamophobia. We want it to be investigated”, said AFIC president Dr Rateb Jneid.

“If not for the courage of the community to stop the attack, the victim could have been seriously injured,” said police inspector Luke Sywenkyj.

According to a study by Charles Sturt University, Islamophobia in Australia is a continuous phenomenon and the most exposed women. Of the 113 victims threatened, the research team found 96 percent of them covered.

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The 2019 Islamophobia in Australia report found 60 per cent of attacks occurred in public in 2016 and 2017, double the proportion of recorded incidents in the previous 15 months.

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