Wednesday, November 30, 2022

US Congress approves $1.2 trillion plan to modernize infrastructure


Robert Frank
Robert started his career as a freelance content writer. Now, He is the founder of widely-recognized PR Agency. Robert still writes news pieces on various publications.

The US Congress has finally approved a huge investment plan worth $1.2 trillion put forward by President Joe Biden, to modernize the country’s infrastructure.

It should be noted that the bill, which the House of Representatives passed yesterday evening with a comfortable majority after ten Republican lawmakers joined the Democratic majority in its support, was approved by the Senate last August, which means that all that is needed now is Biden’s signature on it to enter into implementation.

The adoption of the bill needed 218 votes to pass this plan to modernize roads and bridges and develop high-speed Internet, which is considered one of the most ambitious investment plans in modern American history.

In the end, the bill was approved by a majority of 228 deputies against 206, after ten deputies from the Republican opposition joined the democratic majority.

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