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World at glance: Solar eclipse 2019 .. Britons Christmas in the water … Putin participates in ice hockey


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The world witnessed many important events this morning, the most prominent was the Solar eclipse 2019, as well as the participation of dozens of Britons in swimming on Christmas morning, and the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin in an ice hockey match in the Red Square in Moscow.

Solar eclipse 2019

Solar eclipse 2019

The sky over the coming hours with sunrise on Thursday witnessed a rare astronomical phenomenon that will not be repeated this year.

Solar eclipse 2019Emirati woman watches Solar eclipse 2019

The “Solar eclipse 2019”, which is a type of solar eclipse, occurs at the beginning of each lunar month, when the moon blocks most of the sun’s disk, and an external part of the sun remains, forming a ring surrounding the moon.

The Astronomical Research pointed out that the phenomenon of eclipse appeared in a ring form in some countries, such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India the Hofuf region in Saudi Arabia, Ras Robes in the Sultanate of Oman and some cities in the Emirates, and during its journey the path of the Solar eclipse 2019 crossed approximately 12.900 km from the surface of the earth and covered an area up to 118 km wide.

Asians viewing Solar eclipse 2019

Research also revealed that the maximum time duration of the annular eclipse was 3 minutes and 40 seconds, and at the height of the annular eclipse the moon disk cover approximately 97% of the entire sun disk, and appeared as a partial eclipse in some countries such as Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and the Philippines. Pointing out that the eclipse takes from the beginning of the first partial eclipse phase until the end of the second partial eclipse stage, approximately 5 hours and 36 minutes.

The Astronomers explained that the process of monitoring this phenomenon must be done with specific equipment in order to ensure the safety of the eyes, due to the risk of direct exposure to this light, which may cause eye damage, so it is necessary to use glasses for the eclipse that prevent more than 99.9% of sunlight, UV and UV rays Infrared, plus the possibility to use a telescope and specialized binoculars to monitor the eclipse.

On the other side of the world; Britons turned to the water on the Christmas eve without the border of the ages. They celebrated the event with a fresh touch of H2O. Dozens of Britons participate in swimming in the Peter Pan Cup race on Christmas morning.

Many people celebrate Christmas day all over the world by swimming in the frozen lakes in the middle of the night.

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In the United Kingdom, the Britons celebrate Christmas inside the “Hyde Park”, the Peter Pan Cup race that takes place every year on Christmas morning, a race that covers 100 yards, a race that has taken place since 1904, which was won for the first time by the playwright Sir James Barry first Peter Pan and won the cup.

Swimmers during their participation in the race

Swimmers on annual Peter Pan Cup in the Serpentine River

Swimmers prepare to take part in the race

Swimmers exit the river after the competition ends

Russian President Vladimir Putin participated in an ice hockey match in the Red Square in the heart of Moscow, as part of the game’s “Night League” festival, on the eve of New Year 2020.

Putin greets the participants of Night Hockey League

Putin wore his 11th traditional red shirt, his team included Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and a hockey legend, such as Pavel Puret, nicknamed the Russian missile, Valery Kaminsky, Alexei Kasatonov, and Sergei Fyodorov and others.

Russian President Putin plays ice hockey in Moscow

While the opponent team that played in white uniforms included the governor of Moscow province Andrei Vorobiev, the governor of Tula province Alexei Diomin, in addition to a number of businessmen, such as Gennady Tymchenko, Vladimir Putanin, Roman Ruttenberg, musician Igor Butman, and others.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

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