Monday, October 25, 2021

After Hitting the Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian Heads Towards US Coast


Zubair Yaqoob
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With Hurricane Dorian wrecking havoc, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina have declared a state of emergency and ordered coastal residents to leave their homes. So far there is no information on victims in the Bahamas.

After hitting the Bahamas with winds of nearly 300 km/h and torrential rain, Hurricane Dorian is slowly approaching the southeastern coast of the United States. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) estimates the storm will pass “dangerously close” to the Florida coast between Monday night (2) and Tuesday dawn (3).

After several days of uncertainty about Dorian’s trajectory, it is possible that the eye of the hurricane will not reach the American continent but it is still difficult to predict what the impact will be on the Florida coast.

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Florida Department of Health officials set up beds in a disability shelter as Hurricane Dorian approaches the US coast – Photo: Gerald Herbert / AP

On Sunday, states of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina declared a state of emergency and ordered coastal residents to leave their homes.

In Florida, the measure hit Palm Beach and Martin County. In Georgia, six counties were hit. In South Carolina, 800,000 people were told to move.

Dorian travels slowly, only 7 km/h, which indicates a greater potential for damage as the strong winds remain over the region longer.

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In Washington, President Donald Trump met with the emergency management directors and said “this sounds monstrous.”

“We expect much of the east coast to receive the impact or part of the impact very, very severely,” said the spokesman, who canceled the trip to Poland over the weekend to monitor the situation.


The Category 5 hurricane (Saffir Simpson’s highest scale), with sustained winds of 295 km / h and rated “catastrophic” by the NHC, hit the earth at noon Sunday (local time) on Elbow Island. It is part of the Abaco Islands in the northwest of the Bahamas. So far there are no reports of casualties on the 700-island archipelago.

So far there is no information on victims, but floods and thousands of damaged properties are reported.

The International Federation of the Red Cross said 13,000 homes were destroyed or badly damaged, according to CNN. The floods also caused contamination of drinking water. The eye of the hurricane on Monday is in Grand Bahama

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