Friday, August 12, 2022

Japan prepares for Typhoon Faxai


Mehboob Ali Shaikh
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Japanese authorities canceled flights and train service on Sunday in response to Typhoon Faxai arriving with sustained winds of up to 216 kilometers per hour (kph) and heavy rain.

According to the Japanese Meteorological Agency, Faxai, meaning Lao’s female, is expected to bring heavy rainfall up to 300 millimeters in the next 24 hours.

“These strong winds and heavy rains can cause severe storms in the seafront, and there is a risk that the wind speed may set a record around the capital as well as other areas”, the agency said on their website.

The Japanese local broadcasting station warned that strong winds could knock down electricity lines and damage homes while heavy rain could cause floods and landslides.

In preparation, the Central Japan Railway Company said it would suspend or temporarily suspend 50 high-speed train services between Tokyo and Osaka beginning at 9am (local time), warning of possible additional delays or changes in location due to storms.

Meanwhile, Japan Airlines said a total of 20 flights to Hachijojima, a small island about 300 kilometers south of Tokyo, were also canceled in response to Typhoon Faxai.

It also involves the suspension and cancellation of several flights from or to Tokyo on Sunday and Monday.

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