Wednesday, July 6, 2022

20,000 Afghans waiting to be allowed into Germany


Hailey Warner
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The German Interior Ministry announced that about 20,000 Afghans are waiting to be allowed into Germany, most of them are human rights activists, artists, scientists, journalists, and other people the German government classifies as particularly vulnerable.

According to the response of the German Ministry of the Interior in statements, the largest group of Afghan immigrants consisted of local employees and their families, according to the situation until December 27.

Since the Taliban seized power on August 16, 1,348 former local workers have arrived in Germany, along with their families, bringing the total to 5,437 people.

For example, local employees used to work for the German Development Ministry or the German Armed Forces as translators, and they now fear persecution by the Taliban.

A member of the Bundestag (parliament) from the left-wing opposition “Die Linke” party described the numbers as “totally insufficient”, noting that the Taliban launched several attacks since taking control of the country against people who helped the previous government.

The German government stated that the evacuation of people from Afghanistan remains a top priority. It has flown 670 people from Kabul since it fell to the Taliban on special flights.

It also transported 3,800 Afghans to Germany on flights from Islamabad, the latest of which took off on Thursday.

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