Thursday, July 7, 2022

3 killed, 30 injured in Bangladesh factory fire


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Three people were killed and about 30 others were injured in a fire that broke out in a factory in Bangladesh, some workers were forced to jump out of windows to escape the flames that are still burning on Friday morning, according to police, it was not immediately known how many people were in the building.

Bangladesh is witnessing constant fires due to non-respect of safety standards, and police and witnesses said that the fire broke out around Thursday in the factory “Hashem Food and Beverage” (Hashem Food and Beverage), which occupies a six-story building in Robganj, the industrial town near Dhaka.

“Three people died after suffering serious burns,” district police chief Gaid Al-Alam told AFP.

Police inspector Sheikh Kabir al-Islam said that at least 30 other people were wounded, some of them when they threw themselves from windows on the upper floors as the fire spread quickly.

The police had first announced the loss of dozens of workers but retracted that, saying they did not know the number of missing people, and firefighters rescued 25 people on the roof of the building, but they were unable to determine the losses.

“As soon as the fire is contained, we will start the process of searching for survivors inside,” said Debashish Bardhan, a spokesman for the fire department. “On the third floor, the staircase doors were closed and colleagues say there were 48 people inside. I don’t know what happened to them.”

Mamoun, another worker, said he and 13 colleagues ran to the roof when the fire broke out on the ground floor and enveloped the entire building in thick black smoke. “The firefighters pulled us down with a rope,” he added.

Bangladesh, the poor country in South Asia, witnesses frequent fires and building collapses, especially in the vast textile industry, due to the lack of respect for safety measures and standards.

At least seventy people were killed in February 2019 in a massive fire that destroyed apartment buildings in Dhaka, due to the illegal storage of chemicals.

In April 2013, a garment production workshop in the Rana Plaza building collapsed, killing at least 1,138 workers, and the accident sparked widespread resentment in the world.

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