Friday, October 7, 2022

Britain allocates $692 million for naval destroyers


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The British Ministry of Defense announced a plan to develop the Royal Navy’s fleet of destroyers, at a cost of $692 million, noting that the plan would increase the power of naval destroyers by 50%.

Jeremy Cowen, Britain’s Minister of Defense Procurement, said in a press statement that the investment in the development of naval destroyers is an affirmation of the country’s commitment to providing the Royal Navy with more advanced and powerful defence systems.

The Defense Ministry’s announcement comes in the wake of an alleged violation of Russian territorial waters by one of the six British destroyers in the Black Sea; This prompted Russia to deploy fighter jets to warn it.

Britain currently has 6 Type 45 Daring destroyers, having reduced their number from 12 due to constraints on the defence budget.

The first destroyer is expected to be developed by 2026, and those destroyers will be accompanied by the Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers.

The armament of British destroyers is very modest compared to their European, American or Chinese counterparts in terms of range, speed and performance, as 24 new launch cells will be added for CAMM air defence missiles for British destroyers, in addition to the 48 cells for launching Aster-30 missiles in the destroyers.

British destroyers can carry only two types of missiles, and their role is limited to acting as anti-aircraft missiles, unlike the modern Chinese and Russian destroyers, which possess anti-aircraft missiles, submarines, and ballistic missiles.

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