Wednesday, July 6, 2022

China passes law to ease pressure of homework on children


Hailey Warner
Hailey isn't the biggest fan of Winter, but she's doing her best to embrace the cold weather and snow. You can find her trying out new recipes, playing squash or writing editorials.

The Chinese government approved a law on school students, as part of a series of measures taken by the authorities to reform the education system.

The law aims to reduce pressure on children from homework and after-school tutoring. Quoting a law passed by China’s legislature, it would require local authorities to “strengthen their supervision in order to ease the burden on students regarding homework and extra-curricular lessons.”

The government has imposed several rules in recent months aimed at combating activities it considers harmful to the development of Chinese youth.

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It banned minors from playing online games for more than three hours a week in an attempt to tackle addiction. It also launched a crackdown on private tutoring companies, ordering them to go to non-profit institutions.

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