Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Formation of an inclusive Afghan government is possible: Nicholas Carter


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The Chief of Staff of the British Army, Nicholas Carter, believes that the formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan after the Taliban movement came to power in the country, is possible.

Speaking to a channel, Carter said, “There is a possibility of reaching a political compromise. The question of forming an inclusive government is still open, but it is possible,” noting at the same time that there are different tendencies in the Taliban leadership itself. Opposite positions stand on a number of issues.

He added: “The Taliban movement is a very unconsolidated structure. Among its members, there are representatives of the political office in Qatar, and they are the ones conducting negotiations in Doha, and there is, for example, the Haqqani Network .”

The British military official expressed his belief that “modern Afghanistan consists in fact of two states, ie, cities and rural areas” that differ from each other. He pointed out that the Taliban currently does not have enough skill to lead the whole country. He continued, “The struggle for power is one thing, and leading the country of 38 million people is quite another. The Taliban is trying to get used to its new role .”

At the same time, he stressed that the behaviour of the Taliban movement this time may be more conservative than it was in the nineties of the last century, as it is currently interested in maintaining its access to the Afghan government’s reserves in American banks.

The British Chief of Staff explained: “We will have to wait to see how they act. It is possible that they will need help in terms of the effective leadership of the modern state. And if they act as necessary, they may be helped, in one way or another.

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