Friday, August 12, 2022

Joe Biden supports India’s permanent membership in UN Security Council


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Indian Deputy Foreign Minister Harsh Vardhan Shringla announced that US President Joe Biden expressed his support for granting India permanent membership in the UN Security Council.

Shringla said during a press conference, “Our presidency of the UN Security Council, especially our position on the issue of Afghanistan, was highly evaluated, and President Biden stated that India should have a permanent seat in the UN Security Council in his opinion.

This came in response to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting with US President Joe Biden during the Prime Minister’s visit to the United States on Friday.

It was the first meeting between Modi and Biden since the latter took office.

It is reported that US President Joe Biden discussed with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi the fact that there are ancestors in India, during the meeting that brought them together on Friday in Washington, DC.

Biden recounted the story of a letter he received as soon as he assumed a seat in the US Senate from an Indian citizen, telling him that his family name was Biden as well, but he could not follow up on whether he had a family in the Indian subcontinent.

During a visit to India when he was serving as Vice President of the United States of America, Biden said that he was told through the Indian media that there are other families in India known by the name Biden.

The US President later learned that there was an English officer working in the company, and when he searched to verify the truth of the matter, it turned out that there was a British officer named George Biden who worked in the East India Company and married an Indian.

The US president says that as a person of Irish ancestry he may find it difficult to admit that he has an English grandfather.

Biden joked with his Indian counterpart, Modi, asking him to find out about the matter and reach the truth of those cases, to which the latter replied that he had made sure of the matter and that the US president had Indian origins.

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