Saturday, August 13, 2022

Johnson to recognize Taliban if they prevent Afghanistan from becoming an incubator of global terrorism


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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that the country faces the biggest terrorist threat in many years, and offering diplomatic recognition to the Taliban if they prevented attacks from Afghanistan.

Former military leaders, diplomats and parliamentarians said that Britain is significantly less secure after the Taliban took control of Kabul, while the prime minister promised to use all his influence to protect against terrorism.

Johnson indicated that he might recognize the Taliban as a legitimate government if it helped prevent Afghanistan from turning into a base for terrorists to attack the West.

Johnson said: If the new regime in Kabul wants diplomatic recognition, it must prevent Afghanistan from once again becoming an incubator of global terrorism. Speaking about the devastation caused by the terrorist networks of former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, Johnson said that the sacrifices of the 457 British soldiers who lost their lives during the 20-year military campaign were not in vain.

In a video message, Johnson said it was no coincidence that no terrorist attack had been launched against Britain or any other Western country from Afghanistan in the last 20 years.

Johnson said the evacuation from Kabul was the product of a mission like no other in our lives, and he praised British forces and officials who worked around the clock on a ruthless deadline and in appalling conditions to evacuate 15,000 people within two weeks and said the sacrifices of two decades were not in vain.

He warned that the threat of terrorism would increase, and promised to use all their influence, political, economic and diplomatic, to help the people of Afghanistan and protect Britain from harm.

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